Helping to improve low self confidence…

When a child is suffering from low self confidence it takes time for them to regain it and to start believing in themselves again. Children are naturally in tune with how they are feeling and can get frustrated when they start struggling to succeed in an area where they used to all the time. They may start to get feelings of self doubt which they might not have experienced before.

It is at times like this when it is really important they have a good support system around them which includes their coach. Someone who will give them the time and space they need to get through it. The coach should lower their expectations during this time and keep the feedback and praise positive and focused on what they are achieving and not on what they’re not. Believe me, they’ll know what they’re flaws and areas of weakness are, they won’t need reminding! It’s important that their coach (and parent) try to keep them focused on the positive so as to initially help improve their feelings of confidence, as if they are made aware of the things they are succeeding at it will help to motivate them and make them believe in themselves.

Sometimes to hear positive words from an influential adult or role model, someone who they look up to, can be extremely powerful and can help. Especially if they can sympathise with the child and say they have experienced similar feelings and how they coped. It’s important the child understands that everyone has these feelings from time to time and that they are not alone. It will get better.

The more the child has successful attempts or successful outcomes during their training session the more their confidence will grow. The area that is affecting their confidence will need to be addressed but should be dealt with patiently. Progress may be slow but the child should feel their coach believes in them and is not getting frustrated. Any progress that is being made should be celebrated but not overly so and no training session should focus souly on that issue. It should be varied so as not to cause further confidence damage through repeated failures.


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